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Why virtual design?


Virtual interior design offers the convenience of seeing what you room could look like at its full potential, prior to making any major purchases or updates.


By hiring FFY Designs, you are getting custom interior design service that you can then bring to life on your own time and as your budget allows.


FFY Designs also offers the opportunity to see multiple design options within reason to help you make a decision on which products to purchase and which changes to make to your room.

Cost effective

For many people, hiring an interior designer seems like a luxury that is out of reach or too expensive. However, virtual interior design through FFY makes custom interior design accessible to everyone.


We work with clients to make the most of your available resources to bring your design dreams to life, proving that good design doesn't have to break the bank.

Simplified Shopping

There are so many choices out there that designing a space can often become overwhelming. We're here to help!


FFY Designs saves you the extensive amount of time and energy it takes to shop and choose elements needed to create a cohesive space.


We will source and select furniture, decor, and materials needed for your design. This not only saves you time, but also money as we are always searching for and aware of the best prices available.

Problem solving

Often, clients are stumped on how to create a layout that works in their space or they struggle to make a space feel cohesive and complete.


Our virtual room design service allows us to figure out what will work best in your space and takes the guess-work, stress, and confusion out of your hands.

Efficient Communication

We collaborate and communicate via email through your own personalized design portal. This makes the design process accessible and time-efficient, especially for those with busy schedules. We can easily share ideas, feedback, and documents electronically.

Flexible Services

Whether you require a virtual design project for an entire home or just need help with a single room or specific design elements, FFY designs can provide flexible solutions that match your project's scope and budget.

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