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Why we loved having a second bassinet on our main floor

Updated: Jan 17

Our MOST USED and MOST FUNCTIONAL piece of baby equipment?… an extra bassinet in the kitchen!

This happened totally by accident. We ended up buying the #snoo after Harlow was born and we couldn’t return our @halosleep bassinet… so we needed to find a good use for it!

Here’s why we’ve loved having a bassinet in our kitchen:

  • Functions as a diaper changing station… and no need to worry about baby rolling off.

  • Functions as a safe spot to set baby when you need your hands free. I can’t emphasize enough how helpful it’s been to be able to do laundry, dishes, cook, etc. and know baby is safe and protected from dog paws

  • It is SUPER CONVENIENT in a two story home when the nursery is upstairs.

  • It's much taller (depending on the brand) than a pack n play. This has helped our backs a ton!

  • It takes up less space than a pack n play. Which left us room for a laundry basket and a utility cart for clothes, diapers, etc.

We used our Halo bassinet until Harlow was nearly 7 months old -- until he started showing signs of pushing and pulling up. And, even then, we still used it as a diaper changing station. We just didn't walk away once we was mobile.

Be sure to check your bassinet’s weight limit and read the manufacturer’s guidelines to know when to discontinue use ‼️

Check out the full details in my IG reel.

Little Harlow was even featured on @halosleep's page!

Baby #2 is expected any day now! And we already have the second bassinet ready to go for the main floor.

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