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What to wear when flying with a baby

Updated: Jan 17

Before you fly…think about what you wear…especially when traveling with a baby!

Because your outfit can make your travel experience so much easier and more efficient! Plus, you'll be able to pack less and spend less time digging for what you need.

Here are the key features to my functional outFIX when flying with a baby:

  • nursing-friendly bra & tank

  • tennis shoes (not sandals or flip flops) in case you’re in a rush to get to your gate

  • pockets!! Quick access to ID, sanitizer, chapstick, binky, phone

  • oversized sweater… use as a nursing cover, elbow prop, blanket, canopy over baby to keep it dark

  • don’t forget an extra shirt for you in case baby spits up ‼️

I posted about this "functional outFIX" after flying with Harlow for the first time when he was 5 months old. And I had fun making my first reel over it!

Watch it here.

Fast forward to when Harlow was 10 months old. I flew with him alone and made an addition to my functional outFIX... a crossbody fanny pack!

Here is why you will be so glad you rocked the fanny!

  • You can ensure your valuables and travel documents are in a safe and secure location. No need to shuffle around in a purse or reach behind you in a backpack.

  • You can access everything quickly and easily with a single hand (great when you have a baby in the other arm)

  • It’s small enough you can wear during your entire travel day (except through security). I kept mine on for our whole flight and never had to worry about where my phone or wallet was.

Check out my fanny pack reel, for "What to wear with flying with a baby, part 2."

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