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This is what 39 weeks pregnant looks like for me

Updated: Jan 17

This week I met my goal of making live! I haven't told anyone except for my husband. But it's accessible and viewable to anyone who enters into their browser :) I've been working on the site as much as I can. Getting as much content posted before the baby comes!

My favorite Kansas City spots to work from this week

  • Messenger Coffee Cafe for morning coffee. I love the Crossroads location on 1624 Grand Boulevard. It's huge (3 stories tall!) and is so bright and airy! The perfect spot to enjoy coffee and get work done. They don't have any obvious plant-based options on the menu, so, you can see I brought myself overnight oats from home. hehe

  • Billie's Grocery for lunch. I LOVE their Sauteed Caesar salad which is vegan as is. Made even better followed up by their dairy free Snicker's bar.


What I've been listening to:

Highly recommend these two episodes from The New York Times podcast show, The Daily. Very informative as it relates to recent conversations involving gun control and mass shootings.

I also listened to Jay Shetty's interview with Miranda Kerr, founder and CEO of Kora Organics. I am no skin care guru....I consider it a win if I moisturize and get SPF on for the day. I was really just drawn to the episode because of the title :)

Another listen from Brene Brown's podcast, Unlocking Us. An interview with her and the influential, Dr. Shawn Ginwright. I was interested in hearing him talk about his new book, The Four Pivots: Reimagining Justice, Reimagining Ourselves.

And a final one from Armchair Expert. An interview with Ed Yong on his new book, An Immense World, How Senses Reveal the Hidden Realms Around Us, set to be released June 21. I love geeking out on a good science episode (I was a biology major in college!). But I think anyone would find this one interesting.


Today was most likely my last day of work. So, now, here I am. Re-watching Schitts Creek. (Anyone recognize the "fold in the cheese" episode?!) Currently using my pregnant belly as a table. Thinking about how baby is due on June 13th (5 days)! And if he doesn't come on his own, I will be induced on June 20th. So.... we are about to be a family of four very soon. Twiddling my thumbs anticipating our new baby boy's arrival!

And we are soaking up every minute of our remaining days with Harlow as an only child. Who, by the way, is seeming more like a boy than a baby than ever! If anyone has advice on brushing a toddler's teeth... let me know :)


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