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Price Comparison: Home Goods vs The Container Store

Updated: Jan 17

When I first got on my organizing kick, I went to the one place I thought you HAD to go to for organizing… The Container Store!!

While it was super convenient and I easily found what I needed…it was not a cheap visit. I spent just shy of $400! You can see everything I purchased here:

I'm actually laughing at myself now because before my shopping spree, I went on my IG stories and explained to the world why I thought any money spent at The Container Store would be well worth the money.

That turned out not to be true. And I was NOT feeling good about all the money I just dropped. Thankfully, before taking off the tags, I got some great advice to check out @homegoods for more affordable storage solutions.

So off to Home Goods I went and I swear you could hear my jaw hit the floor. For any item I bought at @thecontainerstore, I found similar options at Home Goods for a fraction the price.

I loaded up my cart and checked out (feeling much better this time around!). Here is what I purchased at Home Goods for about $200:

Even though I ended up returning all my Container Store goods, I still like the Container Store. Their products are durable, functional and they literally have everything to meet your organizing needs. Plus, they have lots of stackable options.

But, for me, the trade off is just not worth the money. Home Goods had plenty of options with still great quality…at a fraction of the cost. That’s a major win in my mind any day!!!

Here’s the breakdown of what I spent (pre-tax and pre-discount):

Container Store: $375.20

Home Goods: $209.81

…a $165.39 difference‼️

So, my advice… check out Home Goods for your next organization project if you wanna save some cash!!

Check out my original IG reel over my organization shopping spree. And have a freakin functional day!!

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