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Powder room makeover on a budget

Updated: Jan 17

Hosting parties is one sure way to get us motivated to complete house projects...ya feel me?! During the week leading up to Harlow's first birthday party, we were running around the house completing a variety of projects we'd been meaning to get to since we moved in.

Including painting and the updating hardware of our main floor powder room. Here is what it looked like before. FYI - we had already replaced the mirror and spray painted the faucet before taking this picture.


The AFTER look:

The whole project cost us less than $200. The wall paper and paint were the most expensive parts. Here's the details of what we did to update:

  • Wallpaper, 3 rolls

  • New towel holder

  • new pendant light shades (we kept the fixture attached to the wall to save $$$)

  • Paint color: #SherwinWilliams #PristineWilderness

  • Decorated with plants we already had.

  • Switched out the mirror for one we had previously painted gold

  • Spray painted faucet black (which is definitely a quick fix...some of the black has chipped off)

  • Added a thin strip of wallpaper to the back of the wall cabinet.

I love a dark and moody powder room!!!

Added perk: helps to hide all the imperfections at our first attempt at wallpapering.

What I learned from our first attempt at using peel-and-stick wallpaper:

  • It's another great test of patience in a marriage

  • Despite the marriage test...having a second person is necessary

  • Have a box cutter handy to edge the tight spots

  • Try to pre-measure and cut as accurately as possible

  • Start at one side and work your way over (not in the middle of the wall like we did!). We started to the left of the door frame. We would have save ourselves a lot of frustration if we had started in the corner by the wall cabinet. It was really hard to line things up once we were backed into a tight having to climb around the toilet.

The only thing missing from the bathroom is a vintage dinosaur picture I wanted to hang. Unfortunately, I strongly vetoed by my husband for taking my jungle theme “too far” and it belongs in "kids room" (insert eye roll).

So, instead, we hung up a print we bought at a local art fair. Which is nice and all...but not nearly as cool as my dino pic. Just for fun I plan to sneak it up again soon. Hehe.

We finished this project the midnight before Harlow's big first bday bash! Better late than never :)

Click here if you want to see the reel on IG!

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