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Parents night out, the 2/2/2 rule, and KC date night recommendations

Updated: Jan 17

Have you ever heard of the 2/2/2 rule? It’s something recommended to keep the spark alive in a long-term relationship. It goes something like:

Go out on a date every 2 weeks.

Take a weekend away every 2 months.

Plan a weeklong vacation every two years.

OK…easier said than done. Because ya know, time, MONEY, responsibilities, etc. But, I do think it’s important to intentionally prioritize alone time with your partner, especially after having kids.

This past weekend Joey and I went out for a date night for the first time since having Hughes. And to be honest, I’ve been pregnant for the better part of two years, so it felt like our first date night since 2020 where I could enjoy a glass of wine!

Still, I have to admit, I wasn’t totally feeling it. The whole getting ready thing, coordinating breastfeeding/pumping schedules, and then thinking about the night ahead of me once we’re back home…knowing I’d be waking up every 2 hours to nurse…not sure the juice would be worth the squeeze.

But thanks to some pep talking from Joey and insistence from our babysitters (AKA g-ma and g-pa)… we made it out the door! Well, technically we returned twice. Once for me to take Tylenol and a second for me to grab my breast pump. But we did EVENTUALLY get out the neighborhood!

So…if you’re reading this and feeling at all how I was. Take this as your sign…go have a date night!


Here’s what our date night looked like:

We headed to Thou Mayest in the River Market for drinks. Thou Mayest is a local coffee roasting co with four different locations throughout the city. This newly renovated location is super cozy with lots of earthy/plant/outdoorsy vibes. It’s the perfect spot to grab a coffee to get work done or enjoy some boozy drinks (like we did!). I HIGHLY recommend the espresso martini!!

After drinks, we headed to the Crossroads to grab dinner at Farina (and I got a quick pumping session in on the way.) Farina is known for their Italian food and is an awesome spot for date night or a celebration. The service was great and the complimentary bread and marinated olives were an added perk. By the way, ask for a second serving! We got one free of charge.

Joey ordered the Garganelli with a side of grilled oyster mushrooms (which I LOVED and I am not even a mushroom person). And even though there were no obvious vegan entrees on the menu, they easily accommodated. I ordered the Garganelli Pomodoro with broccolini and mushrooms mixed in. It was so good (and Joey actually liked my dish more). So much so that we even ordered a second serving. The second time with rigatoni noodles. Again, amazing.


It was such a great night and I’m so grateful for the alone time with Joey. So, maybe there is something to be said about the 2/2/2 rule!

As our night was ended and we were getting into the Uber to go home, my mom called that Hughes was fussy. He was ready for mom (the boobs!) to get home. Welp, duty calls!!

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