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Marriage & painting parties

Updated: Jan 17

Scenes from our painting party.

Things certainly move a bit slower with an 8 month old in tow. And to anyone who’s ever said that home projects and moving can test a relationship… we feel you.

Joe and I admitted that we both haven’t exactly been the kindest or best versions of ourselves to each other this past month.

While we often have a similar vision in mind, our idea of HOW we get something done usually looks a bit different.

And Harlow could certainly care less how or IF we get things done. ha! Thank goodness for grandparents who willingly entertain the baby so we can do house projects.

Joe is an eager, motivated, “jump right in”, “don’t sweat the small stuff”, take on several things at once kind of person.

While I am more detailed and tend to move slower, more methodically, and prefer to take on one thing at a time.

We typically balance each other out well. But with so many decisions to make. Running on fumes. Picking up and moving a whole house. Knee deep in so many things we want to do (and, yes, most of which we voluntarily take on), our capacity for appreciating each other’s differences is much lower than normal.

But we workin on it. Trying to be more compassionate, kind and graceful with each other.

I guess that includes limiting my friendly advice/ tips for improvement... Joe calls those “critiques”, but I’m not sure why ?

After I wrote my cutesy note, I may have gone back to telling him to stop being so sloppy with the paint. And he complained that he will have to sand the wall now because you can see the “i ❤ u” through the first coat of paint… whoops.

Well, I guess some things will never change.

And if anyone has the secret to agreeing on a white paint color, please let me know…Sooner rather than later (says Joe).

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Paint color: #sherwinwillins #urbanebronze

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