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How we updated our island lighting for only $115

Updated: Jan 17

Joe and I wanted to add a little somethin' somethin' above our island after getting our new counters. BUT we didn’t want to break the bank or have to hire an electrician


Insert recessed light conversation kit! Did you know these were a thing ?! We didn’t! Lowe’s online description for the conversion kit says it’s almost as easy as screwing in a light bulb, which we found to be true! It was easy for Joe to install on his own (who, by the way, has NO electrical experience).


This little lighting project took a single afternoon... 1 trip to @loweshomeimprovement , some black spray paint, and the install!

AND it cost us only $115! Cost included two sets of conversion kits + pendant shades, and a can of spray paint! (pre-tax and before light bulbs)

Here are the links to the conversion kits and pendant shades we used.

Check out my reel over our lighting project. And tag me if you decide to do something similar!

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