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#FunctionalFix for storing & organizing kid's clothes

Updated: Jan 17

You know those durable plastic bags used to package sheets, toys or other random things? The ones that are more sturdy and have velcro or zippers? I've always hated throwing them away. Seemed like such a waste! I finally found a good use for them...

Storing baby and toddler clothes! They are the perfect #functionalfix for organizing all those tiny clothes. Much better than mixing all the sizes together in one big container.

I recommend using masking tape and a permanent marker as a quick way to label each bag. That way you can remove and re-label as your little one grows.

This works well for clothes your child is no where near ready to fit in. For example, I ended up with a bunch of 6T underwear and Harlow is years away from them fitting. So I found a little bag, labeled it, and stored it away! Much better than throwing them in a bottomless box or shoved in a drawer taking up space.

I keep all the separate bags in one large storage container "clothes to grow into". You could just as easily do this for clothes that are too small and you want to save for younger kids. Or label as "donate" when you are ready to find them another good home!

Try this out next time you end up with packaging that you'd otherwise throw away. And check out my reel capturing this #functionalfix !

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