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#FunctionalFix for disorganized kitchenware

Updated: Jan 17

A stack of big flat kitchenware got you down? Frustrated when you can't find the right baking sheet, pan or cutting board?!

Here's the #FunctionalFix: A vertical kitchen organizer!

Not to sound dramatic, but this inexpensive tool has made a significant impact on my happiness navigating the kitchen. We had to remove a drawer in order to accomplish this… a worthwhile trade off!

It allows you to actually SEE what you have instead of shuffling things around. Just don’t forget to measure your items and drawers before buying any storage tool.

I originally posted this in our old house. It works just as well in our new kitchen! We removed a shelf to make space (again worth it!) and I love how I can get to everything easily.

Give it a try! And have a freakin functional day :)

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