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Design Consultation video call

Let's chat! 

A Design Consultation provides the opportunity to chat about room(s) in your home in which you are in need of design advice.


This is a one hour conversation via video call where we will discuss best strategies to update your space, ideas and tips to achieve your desired design, and answer questions you may have about your space. 

We can discuss everything from layout, to furniture/decor, updates, and color palettes. 

Calls can typically be scheduled within 2-4 weeks following your purchase.

Please note, this service does not include a virtual photo rendering of the design for your room(s) or product shopping list. If you are interested in that service, you can book here.  ​

For those who do purchase a virtual room design as described above, you will have the opportunity to book consultation video calls at a discounted rate of $85/hour as an active client.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at

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