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The Vision Package

Vision Board + Shopping list - $250

Have a room that you can’t quite figure out? Need help creating a color palette and picking out furnishings & decor that tie together nicely? This is a great starting point.


What you'll receive:

  1.  A custom curated vision board that shows furniture, décor, and a color palette 

  2.  Tips and ideas on how to incorporate these items, plus suggestions to make your space more functional

  3.  A clickable shopping list for you to purchase items sourced in the vision board


Current turn around time for project completion is 4-6 weeks from when questionnaire and uploads are received.

*Note, this price is for one room. If you have multiple rooms or an open floor plan with several separate spaces (e.g. kitchen and living room in one view) you can add each room at a discounted rate.

Interested in seeing your space virtually photoshopped? Learn more about The Photoshop package.

Click through a Vision Package:

Click through a Photoshop Package:

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