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sweet & savory
berry toast

serves one

Plant-based cream cheese spread on toast. Topped with berries and sprinkled with everything but the bagel seasoning. This is a surprisingly delicious combo that is quick and easy to put together. Perfect for breakfast or an afternoon snack. 


plant-based cream cheese, plain 

fresh or frozen berries 


bread slices 

everything but the bagel (EBTB) seasoning 


Toast 2 slices bread. 

Wash your fresh berries or zap frozen ones in the microwave. 

Drain off any excess liquid because no one likes soggy bread! 

Spread the cream cheese first. Then the jam.

Add the berries on top. 

Sprinkle on EBTB seasoning. 

Enjoy right away!


No berries at home? Swap out for apple or pear slices! Bananas work too. 

You can even totally omit the fruit all together. You'll still get the sweet fix from the jam!

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