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creamy roasted
cauli & carrot soup

makes ~12 cups

Packed with veggies. Plant-based and vegan friendly. Tastes like cheesy potato soup, minus the cheese and minus the potatoes! This soup is a must try this winter!


1 head of cauliflower 

4 large carrot sticks 

4 celery stalks 

1/2 yellow onion 

1 leek (or sub more onion) 

juice from 1 lemon 

veggie broth, 4 cups 


garlic powder 

maple syrup 

soy sauce 


optional ingredients: 

vegan butter 

fresh thyme 

fresh parsley 

nutritional yeast


Preheat oven to 400 deg F. 

Chop the cauliflower and carrots into chunks. Drizzle with EVOO, sprinkle on garlic powder and s&p (you can add more of these later). Roast in the oven for ~20 mins (or until the cauliflower is starting to brown) .

While the cauli and carrots are roasting, chop up the onion, celery and leek. For the leek, you'll only need the light green and white parts. 

Get out your largest pot and turn your stove to medium heat.

Saute the onion, celery and leek in a generous portion of EVOO (or a heaping spoonful of butter), until soft. Squeeze in the juice of 1 lemon.

Once the cauliflower and carrots are done roasting, add them into the large pot with the sauteed veggies.

Turn the heat down to a simmer. Pour in enough veggie broth to cover 3/4 of the veggies. 

From here, you can either use an immersion blender to get you started or add everything into a high speed blender. Blend until nice and creamy. Pour the nearly finished soup back into the pot.

Add dashes of maple syrup & soy sauce. Add in more garlic powder, s&p, and the optional ingredients to taste. 

Soups up!! Dip with your favorite bread (we love toasted sourdough!)


Looking for a less-thick and less-creamy soup? Blend only 1/2 of the soup. Or, totally skip the blending all together if you're looking for more of a chunky vegetable soup.

Wanting more creaminess? Sub unsweetened plant milk instead of veggie broth. Or, throw in some roasted potatoes!

Wanting more cheesiness? Try adding more nutritional yeast.

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