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green acai bowls

2-3 servings

Who said you can only get acai bowls from a fancy restaurant or on a beach somewhere?! You can make these bowls easily from home with frozen acai packets AND even sneak in some greens! Topped with fruit, drizzled with nut butter and packed with spinach. These are the perfect summertime treat!


frozen acai packets, approx 14 oz (400 g) total

1 cup ice

2  handfuls of spinach

plant based milk or water

fresh fruit:




peanut or almond butter

coconut shreads


chia or flax seeds


chopped nuts

other fruit


Run hot water over frozen acai packets for a few seconds...just enough to allow the acai to pop out of the packet. You want to be careful it doesn't melt.

Empty the acai packets into a blender. Add the ice and the spinach.

Begin to blend, using a tamper tool keep the ingredients pushed down.

This is where you may have to add a splash of water or plant milk to keep everything blending. You are looking for a smoothie/ice cream consistency. 

Pour bleded acai mix into bowls and decorate with your toppings!

Add sliced fruit, coconut shreds, or any other ingredrient of your choosing. Drizzle with nut butter.

Time to enjoy!  


If your acai smoothie is too runny, add more ice. Or, you can pop the blended mixture in the freezer for a few minutes so it hardens a bit.

Want the complete acai bowl experience?? Try these coconut bowls. These are upcycled coconut bowls made from real coconut shells! They make a great gift too. This particular set comes with 4 bowls and 4 wooden spoons.

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