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Quick Fix Package:

Photoshopped image: $25 and up

Have you already picked out your furnishings or decor and simply want to visualize them in your space? Or maybe you're stuck between a few rug or art options and can't quite decide what you like? 


This "quick fix" is a great option! Basically, you do the sourcing, I do the photoshopping!  I will take the exact product(s) you send me and Photoshop them into a virtual room rendering. For example, choose one or more of the following: 

What you'll receive:

1. Photoshopped image(s) featuring items already picked by you.

Pricing begins at $25 and will increase depending on the number of elements you want Photoshopped.

Email Sara at to inquire about custom pricing and packages. 

Turn around time for "quick fixes" is ~1-2 weeks

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